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Green Aventurine - Heart Chakra - Balances and removes blocks of the Heart Energy Center, opening way for energy to flow to the Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.  Supports you to move forward with more confidence, stay in the present moment and release expectation. Being centered, joyful, open to healing of matters of the heart and to move forward in life peacefully.

Blue Aventurine - Third Eye and Throat Chakra - Opens the Head and Throat Energy Centers, helping you to speak from wisdom and compassion.  Protects against negativity for people who are sensitive due to being an empath or a psychic, allowing for clear communication.

Red Aventurine - Root, Sacral and Third Eye Energy Centers - Stone is about action..creativity, sexuality, exuberance, focus, determination, generative, awareness.  This is the stone of manifestation.  Increases your life energy in all areas to help you achieve your desires



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