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How Gemstones Work for You

Posted by Laura Lawrance on

Each gemstone has a unique vibration. When you wear gemstones as jewelry, carry them on your person or have them physically near you, the vibrations of the stones will influence your personal vibration. Yes, you too have your unique vibration.

Vibrations are created from the ongoing movement of atoms. The continual flow of an atom produces energy. The atom moves at various speeds, creating unique vibration frequencies. These vibrational frequencies take different forms; solid, liquid, gas, sound or thought. Everything, seen and unseen, is made from atoms.

The vibration from a gemstone, when worn as jewelry or carried on one’s person, will affect the energy of an individual. Gems work to increase or decrease your vibration, protect, support and heal. This happens through the interaction from the gemstone’s vibration with the vibration of your aura and energy centers. The aura is a layered energy that surrounds your body. Energy centers or more commonly known as Chakras, are eight areas of the physical body that govern specific physical, emotional and spiritual related areas.

Each gemstone is related to specific energy center and unique vibrational qualities. You can find the gemstone meanings click here

When wearing gemstone jewelry, the benefits are two-fold, the vibrational qualities in addition to the beauty of the piece itself. Wearing artisan created jewelry has the advantage of being able to capture your essence and so you can reflect your essence to the outer world. Mass produced gemstone jewelry is just that, produced for the masses. The individual style and vibrational needs are not taken into consideration. My jewelry is as unique as you. Through a Prescriptive Gemstone Consultation, specific gemstones will be identified, that will work with your unique vibration.

My specialty is combining several gemstones, that will enhance the effects they have on you. I select stones that energetically will work better together. I often get requests for a specific challenge. For example, I once had a client who is a coach who was working with one of her clients. She reached out to me, requesting she wanted a necklace that would benefit her client that was working on “Doing your own thing”. After some reflecting on that phrase, I came up with the following stones and reasons I selected them. This list is the simplistic reasons why they were chosen.

apatite and garnet for self worth
tanzanite for self esteem
ruby for self confidence
pink tourmaline for not worrying about what others think
smoky quartz and labradorite for protection against other peoples thoughts
black onyx for protection
aventurine for inner strength
citrine to clear negative energy

Wow, what a lineup. The coach had expressed and described to me this person situation and the coach had come up the phrase “do your own thing”. The complexity of the situation required the many stones in combination with each other, to support the individual. The person was receiving coaching in addition to “doing” and participating in other supportive life changes and modalities. I like to emphasize that when working to increase your vibration, manifesting, healing, looking for support, etc. achieving results is more likely when you implement several supportive systems.

When there are physical, emotional or spiritual challenges, you vibrations are lowered. Reduced vibrations can affect you negatively. Raising your vibration will bring you to your average level, Increasing your vibration even higher brings greater benefits. For example, you will feel the positive influences, being happy, peaceful, more focused and productive, more open, more spiritually connected, more loving, more of the positive aspects of yourself. Gemstones help to maintain these higher vibrations in conjunction with all that you do to encourage change.

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