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All Chakras - Healing, Spiritual, Clears energy centers, energizing both the spiritual and physical.  See specific calcite.

Clear Calcite - All Chakras - Acts like clear Quartz in that it amplifies the energy of other stones. Clears energy blocks so that connecting to spirit is clear.  Opens the energy centers it is placed on as well as enhances the connection to Spirit to intensify psychic abilities.

Blue Calcite - Throat and Third Eye Chakra - Protects empaths from being overloaded by unwanted energies.  Assists in connecting to spirit to develop clairvoyance, telepathy and connect to the collective consciousness.

Green Calcite - Heart Chakra - Renews and revitalized the physical body. Activates the Heart Energy Center to open and forgive yourself and others.

Orange Calcite - Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra - Activates creativity and sexuality, a vitality for life.  Used to increase the flow in established businesses or to assist in new business.

Honey Calcite - Root, Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakra - Opens you to abundance and gratitude.  Grounding the energy of the thought and intuitive working together.  This is helpful for times when working on projects that span over time and require continuous refocusing.

Opaque Pink Calcite - Heart Chakra - Removes blockage from the heart to connect to the  Love of Spirit.  Bringing it forth.  Displaying in rooms will bring the Love of Spirit in to the room, creating a calm and relaxing vibration.

Transparent Pink Calcite - Heart Chakra - Understanding forgiveness for oneself as well as others.  Clearing past hurts from the heart to move forward in life from the heart’s true desires.

Red Calcite - Root and Crown Chakra - Grounding, making you feel comfortable to be in your body.  Being able to acknowledge the sacredness of everything.  Supportive in Tantric practices.

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