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Black Jade  - All Chakras - Good protection stone.  Assist one to see all aspects of themselves.

Blue Jade - Third Eye and Crown Chakra - Helps to increase frequency of energy and anchors surplus energy.  Assist in creating a calming presence when reacting to adversity.

Green Jade - Heart Chakra - Assist in opening one to overcome anxiety and to be satisfied regardless of circumstances.  Support on to take responsibility and except what one has created.

Lavendar Jade - Heart and Crown Chakra - Helps to increase frequency of overall energy.

Purple Jade - Head and Crown Chakra - Helps to balance energy, empathy and deeper understanding of others.

Red Jade - Root and Solar Plexus Chakra - Supports one in keeping their energy high while doing energy work on others or are engaging in using the energy in their body.

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