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Meet Your Designer


For over 20 years I have designed and handcrafted all my jewelry myself.  I feel strongly that when an Artisan sells jewelry, the items be made by that Artisan.  I personally design and handcraft all my jewelry.  I use the finest of materials and guarantee my workmanship.  I am self taught, enjoying using the best materials in order to produce a piece of jewelry that is of a good value for its price.  I use mineral stones and gemstones of various qualities.  I primarily use Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Filled for metals.  There is the occasional piece that have copper.

I also have studied the vibrational qualities of the gemstones.  I am in the process of completing a website that speaks to the vibrational qualities and how they affects the wearer. After years of study, I saw there was a need to de-mystify and explain how vibration of gemstones works.  I have a talent of combining stones to have a "prescriptive" purpose to the jewelry.  I do private consultations and make suggestions.  However, my website will have loads of stone combinations with suggested uses.  Add you email to our newsletter list and you will be notified when the website will go public.

Thank you for taking time to read "Meet the Artist"

Be well,

PS - I can be reached at or 1-800-606-3654