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Pink Opal - Heart Chakra - Support healing of one’s heart from previous hurt.  Assist in releasing stress and becoming more harmonious.

Blue Opal - Throat and Third Eye Chakra - Aids one to be accepting of the will of the Divine increasing one’s focus to the Divine.

Brown and Black Opal - Root and Sacral Chakra - Assist one to be insulated from negative energy and helps to release unwanted negative energy attacks and attachments.

Precious White Opal - All Chakras - Assist to amplifies connection to Spirit and helps one’s energy field to reach a higher and clearer vibration.

Precious Black Opal - Root and Crown Chakra - Aids one’s connection to Spirit to help dissipate fear in all areas of oneself by allowing one to acknowledge where the fear is.

Precious Fire Opal - Sacral Chakra - Aids in the connection to the creative vibrations of the Divine and to help with manifestation of sexuality and a rise in fertility.

Oregon Opal - Solar Plexus, Heart and Crown Chakra - Assist one to appreciate the journey of life without expectations.

Owyhee Blue Opal - Solar Plexus, Throat and Third Eye Chakra - Aids one to do the doing, not letting fear stop them.  Assist in strengthening  the connection to the one’s angels and guides.

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