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Root Centered Energy

Your "Root Centered Energy" is supported by wearing a combination of smoky quartz, labradorite, black garnet and red garnet. These four stones are connected to the “root center”.

Wearing these four gemstones together supports your main energy representing the foundation your personal energy is built upon.

Root Centered Energy:

  • The starting point from which your energy and vitality originate.
  • Supporting your ability to make the material world a reality and make things happen.
  • Your “root centered energy” is located at the tailbone.

We all have varying degrees of energy in all chakras and within each chakra varying degrees of energy activity. Some being over-active others being under-active, some being well-balanced, and some being more dominant than others. Forever in flux, day by day, hour by hour.

Smoky Quartz: (master protection stone)

  • Helps you align with higher frequencies, grounding it so you can create and manifest your desires.
  • Keeps negative energy from co-mingling with your personal energy.


  • Assists in increasing your inner knowing and seeing.
  • Helps to insulate your energy when working with intuition.
  • Supports you in letting go of negative thoughts.

Black Garnet:

  • Supports with the insulation against both spiritual and physical negativity.
  • Exceptional at anchoring energy quickly.

Almandine Garnet:

  • Helps you experience happiness in your life and opens you to the exchange of love.
  • Soothes and anchors the energy of the physical body.