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Spiritual Centered Energy

"Spiritual Centered Energy" is supported by wearing a combination of blue topaz, amethyst, moonstone and tanzanite. These four stones are connected to the three spiritual chakras: the throat, third eye and crown chakras.

Wearing these four gemstones together enhances your natural "spiritual energy" of connectedness with the Divine, your intuition, and your natural ability to give to others.


The Throat Chakra represents the connection to Spirit, the color association is blue. Blue representing the calm and quietness, two states that open you up to connect to Spirit.

Examples would be prayer, mediation, mindfulness and being the observer.

The Third Eye Chakra represents the coming together of opposite energies: the ego-self and the spiritual self, reasoning and intuitive minds, yin and yang, masculine and feminine.

Notice that the opposites work together creating synergy.

  • Location is at the base of the skull through to the area between the eyebrows.
  • Color association is indigo, a cool calming color.

The Crown Chakra represents your connection to Spirit without the distractions of the world.

  • Location is at the crown of your head.
  • Colors associated are violet and gold.

We all have varying degrees of energy in all chakras and within each chakra varying degrees of energy activity. Some being over-active others being under-active, some being well-balanced, and some being more dominant than others. Forever in flux, day by day, hour by hour.

Assists you in meditating and connecting with your guides and angels.
Clears and opens the Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra and Etheric Chakra – quickening the development of your psychic abilities.
Helps develop your awareness of habits, emotional patterns and behaviors that create imbalances; and their causes.

Moonstone: (great for intuitives)
Helps you develop acceptance and understanding of where you are in any process and what you’ve created.
Respond to a situation in the present, assisting you in realizing you cannot accelerate the process.
Accepting when the manifestation will materialize.
Helps intensify the connection with Spirit to receive, and act upon, messages rightfully.

Assists in joining the flow of energy between the heart and mind, creating a more focused spiritual practice.
Helps you understand emotional situations and let go of worry.

Blue Topaz: (great for meditation)
Assists you in learning from your experiences, bringing peace and tranquility to the emotional body.